Artspace Gallery at ART14 LONDON, 28th Feb-2nd March 2014


Artspace gallery will be participating at ART 14 LONDON from the 28th February to 2nd March, at the Olympia Grand, London, stand number D6.

We will be featuring the following artists -


Halim Al Karim was born in 1963 in Nafjat, Iraq. He currently lives and works in Denver, USA and Dubai, UAE. In 2011 Halim was selected to represent Iraq in the Venice Biennale. His work has been widely exhibited at venues such as the Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, The ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, DE, The Paul Klee Museum, Bern, Switzerland and The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado. Halim’s work is also part of numerous public collections, including the Saatchi Gallery, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK, The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Texas, USA, The Royal Association of Fine Arts, Jordan, Arab Museum of Contemporary Art, Doha, Qatar and L’Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), Paris, France, amongst others.

In his works the Iraqi artist copes with his formative experiences during the first Gulf War. Opposing Saddam’s regime he refused the military service and had to hide in the desert, living for almost 3 years in a hole. He only survived through the assistance of a Bedouin woman who took care of him and thaught him about gypsy customs and mysticism. The experience of violence, the loss of freedom as well as the mystical tradition of Sufism, which emphasizes the individual and pure relationship to God and consciousness, influenced his personal reflections.

Since 1985 Halim Al Karim has been developing the “Hidden” series, the concept which incorporates “al-batin”, according to the Islam one of the 99 names of Allah. Reciting the name “al-batin” is regarded to have the benefit of seeing “the truth in things”. Al Karim processed in his works the experience of hiding, withdrawing, the isolation and solitude, how memories finally become blurred and disappear and the extreme psychological stress. Therefore he titled them with “Seclusion”, “Lost Memory” or “Schizophrenia”. The media of photography is deliberately chosen due to its non-physical qualities: a medium, which quite literally creates an image of light, capturing the transient and interwoven nature of time and memory. Over many years he has been remained true to his formal concept by creating portraits of anonym as well as from famous personalities; some in extreme close-ups others in busts, but always with unsharped contours. Later on he used silk to outline the aspect of uncertainty, representing a transcendental portal to the subconscious and the artist’s insight that inner retreat is the only way to preserve humanity from brutal acts of violence.


Born in Iran, 1967, Samira Alikhanzadeh studied painting as an undergraduate at Azad University and then completed her Masters in Fine Art.

Her early work heavily featured windows, focusing on the effects of light movements in interior settings when filtered through glass. Not long ago, a serendipitous discovery of old family photographs led to a shift of focus and recent pieces primarily feature individuals - particularly women and children - as her main subject matter.

Alikhanzadeh’s images are printed digitally on wooden boards and subsequently painted over with acrylic. A key element of the current series is the omnipresence of mirror fragments. This medium playfully invites viewers to place themselves within the work and thus encourages them to ponder their own identity, existence, mortality and gender.


Katya Traboulsi is a Dubai based, contemporary Lebanese artist. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world.  Katya’s art has found its way to several private collections in Canada, France, Switzerland, the United States, England, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon. She has partnered with several organizations to raise funds and awareness for various charities and causes. Katya also regularly donates her pieces for special charitable proceedings as well. She also runs the “Katya Traboulsi Ateliers” in Dubai for emerging young and talented artists.In her work, Katya moves freely with her brush telling a new story with every stroke. She draws inspiration from the environment and the region she lives in. Katya de-dramatizes reality by using bold colors and figures between the real and the unreal.She refers to her expressionist paintings as her “mind releaser” as it serves as a sort of therapy to release the fears related to the people and circumstances of life around her.

In her latest compositions, the artist invents an imaginary anatomy from x-rayed or painted body-parts that function as fanciful skeletons to structure the works. We are introduced to the «magical» transparency of representation, but where the magic keeps returning us to the
impenetrable opacity of the real thing represented. This is a heart, these are lungs, these are breasts… the words, the images and the meanings insist on associating closely, but do not make the leap to simply showing us an organ « as is » without the layers of meanings we attach to it. Our sensory apprehension of the world is surreal (literally floating above the real) because our senses make the thing into an aesthetic object and so a symbol. The Vanity is a mirror to our
shifting awareness of ourselves. By offering a multiple perceptions within each holograph, Katya Traboulsi offers the viewer elements and tools which enable him to reach a personal understanding. The viewer moves in front of the shifting work. His senses and mind in motion combine the fragments of inner and outer realities into an individually pertinent whole.


Zakaria Ramhani was born in Tangier in 1983. The son of a painter, he discovered very early the different painting techniques in his father’s studio. Deeply influenced by the way the religious conservatives criticized his father for making figurative art, Zakaria Ramhani chose to use and transform the Islamic tradition of calligraphy, whose abstract nature allowed artists to avoid violating the prohibition against figurative representation. Zakaria Ramhani got his diploma to become a fine art teacher in Tangier in 2003, and worked as a teacher, before giving up his work to devote himself entirely to his paintings.

Since 2007, he has been working on his project From Right to Left, in which he explores the relations between the art of portrait and the Arabic and Latin calligraphy. “I no longer painted pictures”, he said, “I wrote portraits”. Words and phrases of various size and colors are therefore superimposed and intertwined to create faces, bodies and figures. His large size portraits question the relationship between Identity and Otherness, Individuality, and deal with the role of the artist in the society.

Zakaria Ramhani’s works have been showed at the Word Into Art exhibition organized by the British Museum in London (2008), at Dak’art Biennale (Senegal, 2008), at the Cairo Biennale (2009), at the Intermoenia Extrart exhibition in Italy (2009), at the Barjeel Foundation (U.A.E, 2011). In 2012, his work was exhibited at the Barbican Gallery in London, and at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. Some of his works have also been acquired by famous art collectors: the royal family of Morocco, Bank Al Maghrib’s museum, Jean-Paul Blachère’s foundation, Alain-Dominique Perrin. His paintings have been sold by fine arts auction houses, such as Christie’s Dubai or CMOOA Morocco. In 2010, he was listed by Artprice in the top ten artists aged under thirty who had achieved the highest auction results. 


Lace, a feminine object and a production material, turns into sculptures under the hands of a male artist, Ozan Oganer,  and creates a second dimension upon the surface of forms.

The works of Ozan Oganer have internalized the concept of ‘statue’ in its most classical meaning. Oganer is a great sculptor in many ways including his success in manual craft, his adherence to academic techniques, his meticulousness and his loyalty to anatomy. Technical faults do not exist in his statues or busts. What makes Ozan Oganer different is his choice of materials. His method of applying the lace creates a second dimension upon the surface of forms. This difference in details can clearly be seen as one comes into contact with his works. The statues of Oganer merge with the surrounding environment and the rhythm they capture along with light and colors; a sense of belonging and an existence within a different dimension. The transparent and camouflaging nature of lace takes on a whole new meaning as it meets light. Even though the works of the artist seem to “be able to exist on their own” to the casual observer, the thing that makes these transparent works of Oganer belong to the surroundings and that carries them to another extent is the light that illuminates them. The way light is used is capable of changing the way an artwork is perceived each time. This situation makes the works alive and strengthens motion. Oganer also colors the works that he has made by using lace…. Color entirely changes the way light is perceived. As the color choice of the artist gets darker, the inner world of the figure, (which can be observed from the holes in the lace) is made prominent whereas in lighter colors both the body and soul are illuminated to become much more transparent. The harmony or contrast between light and color appears as an element in Oganer’s works that underlines the concept of emptiness/fullness.

Ozan Oganer prefers to leave all of these circumstances to the observer’s perception… What’s important for him is how the observer is going to look at the “Transparent”: does it conceal, or does it reveal?…

'Deep Surfaces' feat. Katya Traboulsi & Vivian Van Blerk at Artspace London

Artspace London, a leading contemporary Middle Eastern art gallery will hold an exclusive exhibit entitled Deep Surfaces; which will feature the captivating works of artists Katya Traboulsi and Vivian van Blerk. Artspace London focuses on driving contemporary Middle Eastern art forward and providing artists with a link between the East and West while catering to its vast client base residing in the UK and throughout Europe. The renowned gallery has participated in several local and international art fairs and collaborated with numerous iconic art institutions and is one of the art world’s most prominent platforms for contemporary Middle Eastern art.

Deep Surfaceswill showcaselenticular holographs by Katya Traboulsiand colour photographs by Vivian van Blerk. The concept of this exhibit is centered around photographs and how they record and grasp an instant in time.The multimedia techniques of Katya Traboulsi and Vivian van Blerk result in photographs which capture long expanses of time – time living, sculpting, cutting, painting, adding layers over days, weeks and months. Stacking multiple new layers packed with unexpected details on a surface is analogous to how our lives are enriched daily by added experiences. The artwork helps organise this tumult of life lived. The construction of these works accompany the artists as a physical trace of their beings as they, like all of us, live through perpetually changing conditions. It is a universal human need to create new forms, real things in the world,  in order to record, slow-down and make some sense of  the quickly passing time.

Katya Traboulsi is a Dubai based, contemporary Lebanese artist. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world.  Katya’s art has found its way to several private collections in Canada, France, Switzerland, the United States, England, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon. In her work, Katya moves freely with her brush telling a new story with every stroke. She draws inspiration from the environment and the region she lives in. Katya de-dramatizes reality by using bold colours and figures between the real and the unreal.She refers to her expressionist paintings as her “mind releaser” as it serves as a sort of therapy to release the fears related to the people and circumstances of life around her.In Deep Surfaces, she layers medical imagery with painting and drawing to create lenticular holograms which shift and change as they reveal themselves to the viewer. Out of Traboulsi’s collected and organised experience of time and the world, the viewer creates a personally relevant interpretation as he moves in front of the hologram’s multiple shimmering layers.

Vivian’s works are particularly preoccupied with inventing narratives to unite his fragmented inheritance of history, art and literature.  Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1971, Vivian van Blerk  has lived and worked in Paris since 1997. His photographic work exploits the immediacy and apparent documentary truthfulness of photography to invent fictions which unfold within parallel worlds very close to our own. In this collection, he sculpts, models and paints dramatic sets over weeks or months, adding fresh experiences, ideas and emotions each new work-day. The accumulated experiences and details added daily transformthe artwork which reveals its many narratives  to the viewer  over time. Van Blerk uses photographic techniques  of lighting, framing, montage  and negative retouching to transform the sets he builds out of his life and imagination into coherent and independant fictional universes.

The works of Katya Traboulsi and Vivian van Blerk never cease to be photographs - graphic traces of light on surfaces. These exquisite smooth photographic surfaces are portals into the deep time of human experience. Their work creates a new dimension in which we can truly examine and experience the definition, importance and impact of time and its many layers, as within time we find memories, emotions and new opportunities.

Visit the Deep Surfaces exhibition at Artspace London starting February 26th (7 Milner Street, London SW3 2QA)

Lulwah Al Homoud at Artspace Dubai December 2013

Samira Alikhanzadeh at Artspace Dubai September 2013

Lulwa Al Homoud Exhibition at Artspace Dubai

Dubai’s Renowned ARTSPACE Gallery Proudly Presents

An Exhibition of Works, ‘9x9’ by Lulwa Al Homoud

Lulwah Al-Homoud is from Riyadh, where she majored in sociology at King Saud University, and was the first Saudi to complete a MA at Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. In 2006 she participated in a British museum managed project in which Arab artists were placed to work in schools. She spent six weeks at a school in London exploring calligraphy and Arab design. She participated in and co-curated the 2008 Edge of Arabia exhibition at the SOAS Brunei Gallery. Her work was chosen by Christie’s in April 2009 for their Middle East auction in Dubai.

Lulwah Al Homoud’s style relies on combining and creating a net of forms, lines, Arabic letters, rich colors, and sensory material using bright esthetics. To this end, she uses mixed media and geometric shapes as tools to accentuate her purpose. One can notice in her work an obvious bias to linear and spatial geometry, something that owes itself to the fact that she views it as a fertile source from which to renew her abstract visual vocabulary, and to turn it into a net of complex structures hinting to immortality and providing a feeling of stable equilibrium. She also uses mathematics, both Islamic and Western, to activate the language of audiovisual communication and to deconstruct Islamic ornament into new, stimulating, and visually exciting patterns. Insofar as Arabic letters are concerned, she takes the liberty of deconstructing them, deriving their symbolic dimensions, and then using these symbols into simple lines that serve as raw material for new designs. Her abstract paintings in Arabic calligraphy thus undulate between religious traditions and artistic vision, and cannot be clearly defined as belonging to either camp; Arabic calligraphy, after all, has already undergone the transformation from Qoranic writing material to secular contemporary art, and it is by this rationale that she works; after all, she views calligraphy as an art that expresses spiritual life but rather an internal hum, which is why she believes in the art of calligraphy as a being through which one can open onto the entire world. She describes her work as being abstract and spiritual. She describes herself as being ‘in a state of dialogue with the soul, not the physical. [My work] belies universal philosophies and visions that surpass time and place. The letter and the simple geometric shape have deep meanings that express faith.

9 x 9 – Statement "As we engage in the dichotomies of existence, the rhetoric between substance, essence and fate compels us into asking what is abstract; what is solid; what is common and what is particular. This discourse moves back and forth between the humanities and the sciences, constantly shedding and reconstructing subtle layers. Arguably, what is most incongruous in this discourse is what is most convergent within it; communication. Using a pure language, this work locks together geometry, language and beauty, pushing the boundaries of what we know, how we know it and how it is perceived."

The Gate Village, Building 3, Level 2, Dubai International Financial Centre P. O. Box 506759 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 323 0820 

Fax +971 4 323 0821 

Farouk Hosny Exhibition at Artspace Dubai

Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Community Development 

Dubai’s Renowned ARTSPACE Gallery Proudly Presents

An Exhibition of Works by Farouk Hosny

Artspace hosts exclusive exhibit in celebration of the gallery’s 10th anniversary


October 2013 - Artspace Dubai proudly presents an exhibition of works by Farouk Hosny on November 13, 2013 to mark its monumental 10th anniversary. The sole sponsor of the event is the Duet Group.

Farouk Hosny is considered as one of the Middle East’s most iconic artists. Upon graduating from the Alexandria Academy of Arts in 1964, he was appointed as the director of the Anfoushy Cultural Palace. Hosny then relocated to Paris as a cultural attaché heading the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris.  Hosny was honored at an early age when he was appointed in the prestigious position of handling the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome. Following his successful time at the Rome academy, he was chosen as the minister of culture of Egypt, a position he held until his retirement in 2011.

Mr. Hosny is renowned for his unique abstract style in art. His works have been featured in the most prominent museums, exhibitions and art centers in the world including the Metropolitan museum, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Fort Lauderdale in Miami, the National Museum of Vienna, le Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Tokyo Art Museum in addition to several Arab and Egyptian Museums.

Some of the most important art critics have given him introductions such as Jessica Winegar, Dan Cameron, Philippe de Montebello of the USA, Michel Nuridsany from France, Enzo Bilardello, Giovanni Carladente, Lorenza Troki and Maria Trenga Benedetti from Italy.

Composed with exquisite balance, enigmatic imagery and a dynamic palette, Hosny’s paintings speak the language of the modern world. Through his use of abstraction, Hosny has transformed the eternal signs of his native country into restless, calligraphic gestures using vivid colors evocative of the Egyptian landscape: the blacks of sudden nightfall, the blues of sea water, the whites of limestone, the violets of the Sinai mountain range, the burning ocher of the desert, the green of the flowing Nile, the grays of ancient stones, and the oranges of flaming sunsets.


The exhibit’s sponsor, Duet Group Limited is a global alternative asset management firm. The firm places a special focus on high performance and transparency. Known for their unique approach and innovative methods, the Duet Group is delighted to be associated with Artspace as they highlight the beautiful pieces by Farouk Hosny who uses such an original style, much like the Duet Group applies in its solutions for its clients. The Duet Group believes that its success is linked to the achievements of the communities in which they operate, and that access to the arts is an integral part of a healthy society. The company values opportunities for growth and innovation and hold the resources to establish lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations with those who share the same vision for excellence within the community.

Managing Director of Artspace, Maliha Al Tabari commented, “We are absolutely thrilled to be commemorating our 10th anniversary with an exclusive exhibition of Farouk Hosny’s work. The decade mark is a major milestone that Artspace is so proud to celebrate as we look back on ten successful years of innovation, creativity and fine contemporary art. We are very happy to have the Duet Group onboard as our sponsor for this event and we look forward to continuing to honor and drive contemporary Middle Eastern art forward.”


About Art Space

Founded in 2003, ARTSPACE Dubai is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Middle Eastern Art and Artists. ARTSPACE caters to the tastes and trends of the sophisticated Dubai art scene and the gallery’s discerning worldwide collector base. Its global clientele includes private collectors, art consultants, corporate art consultants, architects, interior designers as well as corporations, government, diplomatic and social VIPs. In addition to hosting a series of diverse and regular highly acclaimed exhibitions, ARTSPACE also provides consulting for art investors as well as offering corporate art services to the business community. Local partnerships with internationally renowned art houses and auction establishments have helped push ARTSPACE to the forefront of the market. ARTSPACE offers distinctive and unrivaled services to its clients and artists.

Managing Director Maliha Al-Tabari opened a second ARTSPACE location in London in 2012 in order to further drive Middle Eastern art forward and provide artists with a link between the East and West. Additionally, the London gallery will cater to ARTSPACE’s vast client base residing in the UK and throughout Europe. The gallery has participated in several local and international art fairs and collaborated with numerous iconic art institutions. It continues to be one of the art world’s leading platforms for contemporary Middle Eastern art. 2013 marks ARTSPACE’s monumental 10th anniversary.

ARTSPACE’s sponsor for Farouk Hosny’s exhibition is Duet Group. Duet Group is a global alternative asset manager co-founded by Henry Gabay and Alain Schibl in 2002 and manages over US$3.8 billion of equity across various strategies (Hedge/Long-Only Funds, Private Equity and Funds of Hedge Funds).

Duet Group’s investment teams are fully dedicated to their own strategies, and leverage their unique blend of experiences to find value for its investors in challenging market conditions.

Since its inception, the Duet Group has developed products in areas of growing importance within the investing community, notably within Emerging Markets, such as India, Africa and especially MENA.

Duet Group employs 70 professionals in its offices in London (Headquarters), New York, Boston, New Delhi and Dubai.

The Dubai office began over 4 years ago and today employs 14 professionals and manages Long Only Funds as well as the region’s largest MENA dedicated Hedge Fund. Duet MENA is one of the largest domestic managers in the GCC.

Exhibition opening

A cocktail reception will be held at ARTSPACE, located in The Gate Village 3, DIFC, from 7:00 pm on the 13th of November 2013. The e-invitation is attached.


Sossy Dikijian                                                                      

+9714 3230820                                                              

Notes to Editor


Launched in May 2003 at the Fairmont Dubai, ARTSPACE invited Dubai and the region to acquaint themselves with Contemporary Middle Eastern Art. Having dedicated the past five years to promoting and establishing Contemporary Middle Eastern artists in the region, Artspace Gallery now boasts a portfolio of over 20 artists, and is located  in the art district at The Gate Village, DIFC.

For more information and location:

Visit or call +9714 3230820

ARTSPACE London - Adel El Siwi exhibition opens today

ARTSPACE LONDON Proudly Presents

An Exhibition of Works by Adel El Siwi


October 2013- ARTSPACE LONDON presents an exhibition of works by Adel El Siwi, opening November 6th, 2013. 

Born in Beheira in 1952, Egyptian painter Adel El Siwi first studied medicine in the early 1970’s before seriously considering a career as a painter.  Like other Egyptian artists of the late 1970s, El Siwi, who had emigrated to Europe and North America, was compelled to return to the motherland, drawn by the power of Egypt’s legacy of art aesthetic achievement. In 1980 he moved to Milan only to return to Cairo in 1990 where he currently lives and works.

After twelve years of self-training and traveling Europe and Egypt he had his first major show in 1985 at the Cairo Atelier. Since then he has participated in solo exhibitions in Egypt, Germany, Lebanon and Italy, and group exhibitions as far across the globe as Brazil and Mexico. A 1988 exhibition at the Mashrabia Gallery in Cairo marked El Siwi’s transition from the human figure to the interiors cape. This new phase attempted to give the traditional still life object pride and powerful presence.

Although known for his treatment of the human figure, his latest works have been more narrative and ironic. Pure colors pierce the tonal elements, but are restrained by the somber Egyptian landscape marked by the monochromes of the desert and the grayness of Cairo. El Siwi chooses to use the trite, simple themes of flower pots, palm trees, camels, etc. For considerable time, El Siwi strongly believed that the more limited the means the stronger the potential of the expression. Hence, he refused to use any other medium of painting than painting on paper or canvas. However, in his most recent work since his participation in Venice Biennale’s exhibition Modernity’s & Memories: Recent Works from the Islamic World, a room installation entitled The Face and Beyond, El Siwi explores the new genre of conceptual art through painting.

The artwork in this exhibition explores the following:

“While choosing the artwork for this exhibition, I was dominated by two flairs: First the Monochrome, where I wanted to reduce the colors and deal only with black, white and gold. The second flair was to intensify the presence of the color and maximizing its role in telling the story, as if I wanted to push the color beyond its own limits.

This exhibition has two significant themes. One theme is highly focused on human faces- with Pharaonic and African features alongside an attempt to deal with the Oriental Regality especially in the two Ottoman Princesses.  The other theme is focused on fables, in which my passion for animals is highly revealed.”

Exhibition opening

A cocktail reception will be held at ARTSPACE LONDON located in 7 Milner Street, from 7:00 pm on the 6th  of November 2013. The e-invitation is attached.

ARTSPACE LONDON                                                           

Lana Bdeir Al-Yawer                                                                             


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Notes to Editor


Since its inception in Dubai in 2003, ARTSPACE has been at the forefront of the Arab and Middle Eastern art scene.

A first mover in the region, ARTSPACE has played a pivotal role in establishing the now flourishing art market in Dubai. In the process, ARTSPACE is credited with launching the careers of several now well known artists from the Middle East.

ARTSPACE LONDON will open doors for ARTSPACE’s artists as well as the region’s artists and allows western collectors easier access towards investing in Middle Eastern art.

ARTSPACE is renowned for exhibiting some of the most established names originating from the Middle East in the last decade. These artists include Adam Henien, Adel El Siwi, Mohamed Abla, Paul Giragossian, Louay Kayali, Hussein Madi and Farhad Moshiri.

In addition, ARTSPACE has also been responsible for discovering some of the region’s newest talents and showcasing the works of the likes of Zakaria Ramhani, Ahmed Mater, Mohammed Taman, Shadi Al Zaqzouq, and Monif Ajaj through a series of innovative and inspiring exhibitions. 

ARTSPACE singles itself out from other competitors by offering a distinctive and unrivaled service to clients and artists, priding itself on building collections for clients with the upmost confidence in the provenance, quality, and rarity of the works.

All artist represented by ARTSPACE are selected for their undeniable talent, dynamic ideas and the emotional

Engagement and response generated through their artwork. ARTSPACE holds the philosophy that a piece of art should not be seen as purely an investment; it is a tribute to the artist, but also to the person who owns it.

For more information and location:

Visit or call +44(0)20-7589-5499 

HALIM KARIM - Witness from Baghdad

If you are in London, be sure to drop by the Opening Exhibition for Halim Karim at ARTSPACE LONDON tonight.

Venue - 7 Milner Street,

Time - 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

ARTSPACE Dubai - Upcoming Exhibition by Mouneer Al Shaarani